Why Your Brand Needs TikTok!

Why You Need TikTok

We’ve got something to tell you… you may not want to hear it… TikTok is an important social media platform, and you should have a presence there! Would you guess? There are more global active users on TikTok than LinkedIn and Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit. Speaking of those other platforms, here’s another stat. Between […]

2021 Digital Marketing News

New year, new updates! Today, we’ll be breaking down the latest social media platform features as well as some tips and tricks to get your digital marketing strategy fine-tuned in 2021. Grab a cup of joe and a notepad and let’s get started! Instagram It’s been a long time coming, but hashtags are finally back, […]

Hey Mr.’s 2021 Digital Marketing Predictions

New Year, New Trends…  Hey Mr. here, your media and marketing expert opinion, delving into the latest trends that we see taking 2021 by storm. It’s not enough these days to join the conversation. You’ve come up with a posting schedule and eye-catching content? Groundbreaking. (Note sarcasm.) It’s time to steer the conversation! Between tricky […]

The 411 On TikTok

Let’s face it, 2020 is the year of TikTok. The viral platform has climbed the proverbial bean stock and is standing toe to toe with giants such as Facebook and Instagram. With great fame comes a lot of eyes and similar to its foes, TikTok has its fair share of controversy. Setting The Scene Created […]


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