Navigating the Social Media Landscape: 2023 Recap and 2024 Forecast

5 girls in a line, whispering to the one in the center a secret

Navigating the Social Media Landscape: 2023 Recap and 2024 Forecast

5 girls in a line, whispering to the one in the center a secret

Hey social media pals! Let’s chat about what went down in the wild world of social in 2023 and what’s cooking up for us in 2024. In this blog post we’re diving into the trends, sharing some insights, and, letting you in on what’s hot on our radar for the new year. So grab a virtual seat, and let’s geek out on social media together—no fancy hats required!

Trends We Vibed to in 2023:

1. Short-Form Video Continues to Shine:

Nothing new here! Short-form video remains a powerhouse, engaging 90% of marketers and driving tangible sales. While this isn’t groundbreaking news, its consistent relevance emphasizes our need as brands to explore various short-form video formats. Test the waters, adapt to trends, and discover what resonates with your audience.

2. Influencers, Creators, and Thought Leaders Transform Marketing:

Influencers, creators, and thought leaders have been a game-changer. Beyond raising brand awareness, their impact lies in reaching new audiences and enhancing brand relatability and credibility. In 2023, marketing revolved around connection, with “real people” becoming the voice of brands, This helps your brand to foster new relationships and opportunities. Having this “realness” to your brand will only open up new doors to connections, further fostering the relationship between your brand and your audience.

3. The Pursuit of Greater Immersion is Real:

One of the most captivating trends of 2023 was the foray of brands into the metaverse. While online chatrooms and spaces like Club Penguin have existed, the metaverse is ushering in unexplored possibilities and presenting increased benefits for brands. Virtual workshops, immersive experiences, and the creation of new job opportunities mark the beginning of what promises to be an even bigger trend in 2024.

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Trends That Made 2024 Cringe:

Some trends took a big misstep in 2023, and now they collectively make us cringe. Here’s what’s OUT in 2024.

1. OUT: Prioritizing Brand Over People:

Social media serves people, not brands. Authenticity and genuine connections are the keystones. Regardless of how impressive your content is, it must forge a connection. Don’t be afraid to humanize your brand; embrace authenticity with behind-the-scenes videos, bloopers, and live streaming.

2. OUT: Staying in One Lane:

In 2024, your refusal to embrace change or explore new social media strategies will leave you in the dust of your competition. Social media marketing is ever-evolving, and reluctance to embrace the unknown and experiment with new strategies or trends will not only hinder your brands growth, it might stunt it. It’s time to welcome all the updates, AI progress, and the growth of the metaverse to set your brand up for success.

3. OUT: Just “Winging It” or Trend Chasing:

If 2023 has taught us anything, it’s that being first isn’t what matters. Yes, it’s commendable for you to adapt to a trend or new technology, but without a thoughtful approach, it loses all its meaning. Thoughtful execution that prioritizes the customer and audience experience is what truly matters. Experimentation is a step in the right direction, but it means nothing without a plan.

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Trends That Stan in 2024:

1. AI and Human Intelligence Converge:

The convergence of AI and human intelligence is a key trend in 2024. AI can help with writing content, creating images or logos, and can even edit code or videos. So while, AI automates monotonous marketing tasks, human emotional intelligence, decision-making, and creativity all remain imperative to get the best results. Digital marketers must develop the right skills to effectively supervise and direct AI for optimal results. Be patient and stay current with this new technology and watch it take your marketing game to the next level.

2. Video Remains King:

2024 is the year for businesses to embrace video content on social media full-heartedly. The rules remain about the same as they were in 2023: short-form video reigns supreme, authenticity is key, and the more your audience can interact with your content, the better. Leave a lasting impression on your audience by dipping your toes in new trends, testing new avenues of video content, and most importantly, staying authentic and keeping it real. The future of video is shareable, shoppable, and friendly.

3. Ephemeral Content Takes Center Stage:

Ephemeral content, content that is visible for a short period, takes the limelight. Stories on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok exemplify this trend. While evergreen content has its place and is a great way to build up your content library, ephemeral content fits perfectly in an era of shorter attention spans. Engage your audience on a more human level through authentic, in-the-moment, less-produced content. Leverage this trend to consistently remind your audience of your brand and stay top of mind.

The Next Big Era:

Here’s to another year of navigating the ever-changing social media landscape together! Conquering trends, innovating, and adapting, we’re poised for success in 2024. Stay authentic, stay connected, and let’s slay 2024, together.

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