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New Team

We’re passionate story-tellers, curious ideators, and team players that are always down for a challenge. If you need our help, why don’t you #SayHeyMr?

Mike Reff

Co-Founder // New Business

Estelle Clairoux

Co-Founder // Marketing Director

Avery Anderson

Marketing Manager

McKenzie Ridder

Account Manager

Jaclyn Simmons

Web & Social Media Coordinator

Alyssa Rusco

Social Media Coordinator

Craig Thompson

Sales & Project Manager

David Lujan


Jon Nuehring

Marketing Coordinatorr

Yianni Dracos


Geoff Velando

Video Editor

Wil Emling

Paid Search & Analytics Director

Nick Edwards

Video Editor

Why Choose Us?

Our passion is to help our client’s business grow. We vow to get away from cookie cutter marketing and branding. Our goal is to provide small businesses and professionals with eye-catching online marketing campaigns and videos that focus on customer satisfaction and retention.

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