The True Alchemy of Paid Social: Turning Great Copy into Gold

The True Alchemy of Paid Social: Turning Great Copy into Gold

Forget the smoke and mirrors of internet wizards touting the next shiny object on social media ad platforms. Here’s a truth bomb: the real magic to 10X your conversions on paid social is, and always will be, killer copy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, knowing your way around ad platforms is a skill. But it’s your words that cast the spells, not the buttons you push or the widgets you dust off. Good copy is your wand, and great copy? That’s your entire spellbook.

Back to Basics: The Power of Connection

Every time a campaign flops onto our table, looking more sad pancake than success story, I can point straight to the culprit: a customer disconnect. It’s that gap where what you’re saying isn’t what they’re hearing, often because we’ve forgotten the golden rule: it’s not about us; it’s about them.

Take the ‘lost promise’ scenario. You know the one – promises the world but delivers, well, not even a continent. It’s the clickbait that leads to a landing page, which leads to a download that… leads to disappointment. And just like that, your prospect has left the building.

Cheaters Never Prosper: The Case of the Wandering Copy

Then there’s ‘cheating copy’ – that vague, could-be-anywhere kind of spiel that you spot everywhere. It’s the “Me too” of headlines, playing the field like a bad rom-com lead. Unique? Hardly. Effective? Even less so.

Cheating Headline #1: 

“What Are You Waiting For?” 

I googled it… It’s a Nickelback song. Classic cheating copy…

Cheating Headline #2: 

“Last Chance on Spring Sale”

I googled it… Shared this headline with a women’s clothing site. 

I also shared their headline with “Copycat Couture,” a Facebook page with 185 Likes, specializing in matching “Mom and Me” leggings. Yeah, it’s cheating.

Talking to ‘Generic Cynical Man

You’ve got to outsmart the cynicism. Overpromised headlines like “Maximize your returns!” need to show up with facts and figures, not just swagger. Specificity is your best friend here, and it’s what turns eye rolls into nods of approval.

Here’s a Clayton Makepeace gem for you: 

“Lose weight fast!” becomes World’s first and only supplement GUARANTEED to vaporize 15 pounds of ugly fat––from your belly, hips, butt, and thighs––in 30 days or LESS!” 

Now we’re talking.

Your Copywriting Toolkit

When crafting your copy, you want to show you get the problem, empathize, and then deliver a knockout solution. It’s like Corsodyl Mouthwash does – they don’t just say “use mouthwash”; they show you the bloody sink and hand you the answer wrapped in a bow of relief and fresh breath.

Here are some copywriting frameworks we use to help us create great ads, and great ad scripts for video, and help us to get into our prospect’s mindset: 

Framework 1: Show your prospect you understand their problem, empathize with their problem, and then give them the solution. 

Symptom, Problem, Risk, Cure, Contrast

Framework 2: Tell the prospect WHY it matters that they listen to your message, by getting to the heart of the product or service

A what? That does what? So what? 

Framework 3: Get super clear about who you are and who you are here to serve, and what is special about your offering: 

We help [BLANK] to [BLANK] by [BLANK]

Why This Matters

Because in the world of paid social, it’s not just about being heard – it’s about being believed and trusted. And that starts with copy that connects, convinces, and converts.

Great copy is the heart of any ad strategy, the core of targeting methods, and the soul of conversion rate optimization. Before you get lost in the bells and whistles, find your voice and make sure it sings the right tune.

At Hey Mr, we don’t just write copy – we craft narratives that resonate, engage, and ultimately, convert. Because when your message hits home, those mythical ’10X conversions’ aren’t just possible – they’re just the beginning. 

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