Ways to Use Video in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Platforms may appear overly saturated with moving pictures, but don’t be fooled… users are not tired of video, they actually expect to see it. About 86% of businesses are utilizing video content in their brand’s strategy. Digital marketing just wouldn’t feel fully digital without it! Especially in the last year, video has had a way […]

Hey Mr.’s 2021 Digital Marketing Predictions

New Year, New Trends…  Hey Mr. here, your media and marketing expert opinion, delving into the latest trends that we see taking 2021 by storm. It’s not enough these days to join the conversation. You’ve come up with a posting schedule and eye-catching content? Groundbreaking. (Note sarcasm.) It’s time to steer the conversation! Between tricky […]

Paid Ads And Organic Strategy: A Love Story For The Ages

Let’s face it – now more than ever, having a social media presence and strategy is a requirement if you’re trying to market your business in today’s world. A massive amount of people are looking at social media channels on a daily basis; more than half of the world in fact. Globally, a quarter of […]


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