Hey Mr.’s 2021 Digital Marketing Predictions

Hey Mr.’s 2021 Digital Marketing Predictions

New Year, New Trends…  Hey Mr. here, your media and marketing expert opinion, delving into the latest trends that we see taking 2021 by storm. It’s not enough these days to join the conversation. You’ve come up with a posting schedule and eye-catching content? Groundbreaking. (Note sarcasm.) It’s time to steer the conversation!

Between tricky algorithms and saturated markets, being your best for your brand means listening to the world around you. Utilize all of a platform’s features and tools, engage with an audience like it’s your job, and be capable of switching things up like hot potato. Bear these predictions in mind:


We’re sure this hasn’t gone unnoticed: It’s time to brush up on your editing skills or hire out! #SayHeyMr to skip the headache – we’ve got the 411 on frontrunner, TikTok.

1. Video is about to dominate every nook and cranny of the social sphere and this includes every quick-consumption feature from Instagram Reels to YouTube Stories to Snapchat. The more out-of-the-box and the more entertaining, the better.

2. An influx of exclusive content is about to jump in the game. Nurture your target groups with some specialized content tailored to their interests. It’s a great way to target potential clients or keep current ones happy.


From the innovation of implementing new tools and features to the inconvenience as they’re taken away, platforms have happily demonstrated their influence.

1. Large brands like Apple will be cracking down on how companies harvest user data. Notably, TikTok went under fire in regards to the innocent and how their information may be exploited. Have a backup plan. Apps you’re invested in could get banned.

2. We saw a huge flex in 2020: Instagram shut down hashtags during election season in order to limit the spread of harmful information. No recent posts appeared in even seemingly irrelevant topics including: #fashiontrends and #selfiesunday. Be ready to pivot should a platform shut down avenues for conversation and growth.


Marketing does not look the same. (Note the decline of billboards, print ads, and radio.) The same goes for strategy.

1. Hey Mr. co-founder, Mike, predicts “thinking on your toes” will be at a whole new level. Don’t completely toss your 12-month marketing plan, but utilize those key points to devise a month-to-month strategy. Surf at the cusp of the changing tide.

2. Social listening is your best friend… who likes to gossip. Signing up for Google Alerts or a similar service will give you eyes and ears on the ground to know where your audience is hanging out, what your competitors are up to, and how to stand out.

Overall, be willing to adapt and try new things. Allow these topics to live in your mind rent-free: content creation, navigating powerful platforms, and building a plan. Now go crush your 2021 brand vision!

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