6 Reasons Your Business Needs PPC Advertising

The world of advertising is all about getting the most bang for your company’s buck, and pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the surest ways to do just that. In fact, thanks to its affordable, fast, and scalable nature, PPC is one of the best methods for businesses to get their products and services in front […]

Hey Mr.’s 2021 Digital Marketing Predictions

New Year, New Trends…  Hey Mr. here, your media and marketing expert opinion, delving into the latest trends that we see taking 2021 by storm. It’s not enough these days to join the conversation. You’ve come up with a posting schedule and eye-catching content? Groundbreaking. (Note sarcasm.) It’s time to steer the conversation! Between tricky […]

Developing Your 2021 Strategy

It’s natural to think “2021?! We haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet! Why should I start thinking about my strategy for the new year?” – but it’s good to start early. Only business-newbs wait till December to get cracking on next year’s business and marketing strategies. So get going! What are you waiting for? A few […]

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Welcome back to The Convo, people! Today’s topic is digital advertising campaigns; what are they and how do you measure their success? We’ll be giving out some hot tips when it comes to Facebook advertising and cracking Mark Zuckerberg’s code in addition to giving the basics of Google pay-per-click ads. As we all know, paid […]


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