Best Ways to Grow Your Email List

Best Ways to Grow Your Email List

Greetings internet, and welcome back to The Convo! Before we get started, we hope you all are staying healthy and safe during these difficult times. Not only has the global pandemic affected our everyday lives, it has forced us all to make some pretty significant changes to how we conduct business. Today, we want to discuss a particular challenge we’re sure many of you are currently dealing with; how to grow your email list during quarantine. Email lists are a key part of your digital marketing strategy. They allow you to keep in touch with current clients and reach out to new potential customers by informing them about new product offerings, discounts, and industry news! So, let’s get started on some of the best ways to grow your list during these strange times.

Encourage Subscribers to Share and Forward Your Emails

You’ll want to encourage your subscribers to forward this email along to their friends, so make sure your content is as engaging as possible, whether that means sending a discount code, referral program, or news. Make sure to include an “Email to a Friend” button in the email and an option to subscribe so that you can collect their friend’s information too. Another great way to get people to share your content and grow your email list is to add social sharing buttons to the body of the message so that you can get more eyes on your company!

Utilize Facebook Advertising

If you have the budget to put some money behind lead generation campaigns, this can be a great option to not only secure potential new business, but also expand your email list! You can also try out a Chatbot advertising campaign on the platform to obtain contact information. The added bonus to this option is the ability to weed out individuals who would not be a good fit for your business.

Create a Whitepaper or E-book and Host it on a Landing Page

By offering folks the opportunity to learn something valuable in relation to your industry, you can get more emails to add to your list. Host the whitepaper on a landing page so that in order for the person to download it, they will have to input certain information like their email address and business name. This is a great way to not only become their go-to source for industry information, they’ll also be familiar with your company.

Add a Call-to-Action to Your Facebook Page

Add a “Sign-up” button to your Facebook business page so that your followers and page visitors and easily subscribe to your emails! Make sure followers are aware of this feature by occasionally including calls to action in your posts.
We hope these ideas have helped! While the times we are currently living in mean relying heavily on the internet and virtual connections, we understand how important growing your online network is. If you have additional questions about growing your email list or would like help in other digital marketing aspects of your business, just say Hey Mr. and we’ll be there!

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