Landing Pages: Why You Need Them

Landing Pages: Why You Need Them

Landing pages have quickly become a necessity in today’s world of business! No matter what industry you’re in, you can take advantage of this technology to increase your conversion rates and lower your cost of acquisition. Who doesn’t want to do that? Ready to take a deep dive into the world of landing pages? Let’s go!

What is a Landing Page?

You can think of a landing page simply as a standalone web page. Imagine… you’re on the couch at home, settled in and cozy, scoping your social media feeds. You tap on a link inside a Facebook, Instagram, or Google ad. You’re then magically directed to another webpage, where you’ve “landed” (hah, get it?). This is a landing page. Once you arrive on the landing page, there will be a strong call to action for you to take. For example, you could fill out a form, purchase a certain product, take advantage of a coupon, or even book an appointment. Instead of being directed to a website where there are several options for you to take, you’ll be presented with one option in a simplified setting. 

Why Should You Use Landing Pages?

The short answer? Landing pages increase your conversion rates and lower your cost-per-acquisition. The primary reason why they are so good at this is because the page itself has one single goal which also matches the intent of the ad. Consider an ad for 40% off jeans at your favorite clothing store. Once you click, you’ll only see those discounted jeans and with fewer options to take and the discount being top of mind, you’re much more likely to make a purchase than you would be if you were simply browsing the website. Ultimately, every additional link will only serve to dilute your message. 

How Can You Use Landing Pages?

The wonderful thing about landing pages is how they can be many things for many different industries. If you have a specific and tangible business goal, then you’ll likely find landing pages incredibly helpful. Let’s get into a few examples.

The real estate industry is full of some tough competition and it’s more important now than ever to be able to set yourself apart. Landing pages can help immensely. You can target individuals looking to purchase a home in your area by crafting a landing page with all of your listings in their town of choice. If you are marketing a specific property online, you can direct buyers to fill out a contact form so that you can connect with ease. Essentially, the landing page will do all of the hard work of gathering new client leads for you. 

E-commerce can also benefit from the use of landing pages. We all have our favorite clothing stores that send out promotional emails featuring the latest deals or items. When customers click on these, your chance of conversion skyrockets if you direct them to a landing page. If a customer wants to take a peek at the must-have spring styles you mentioned in the email, you can use that page as a host for all of those looks. With fewer options and the intent already there, conversion rates go up.

How to Get Started

There’s no need to be intimidated by the thought of getting started using landing pages. Brainstorm some business goals you have and give the team at Hey Mr. a shout! We’re here to help you break down your goals into actionable ideas and craft a beautifully designed landing page to help you make more money! 

For a limited time, custom landing pages by Hey Mr. are just $200 (with a $10 hosting fee)!

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