Why Rebrand?

Why Rebrand?

Sometimes, it’s just time! You can see the transition to our new look below.

New Decade New Logo!

A new logo can do wonders to elevate your company with a fresh look. Here at Hey Mr, we are welcoming 2020 with a new image! In the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, we want to set ourselves apart from the competition as trend-setters, not trend-followers. This means crafting a progressive and cutting edge image: modern and fresh but not pretentious, approachable and conversational but not clinical. Our brand refresh demonstrates to customers that we are constantly innovating and keeping up with our industry. 

The Deets:

With the help of local Denver artist, Andrew Hoffman, Hey Mr. has redesigned our signature logo to better reflect what it is we do and who we are!

Hey Mr. is in the business of telling stories, and creating conversations! Over the last 15 years or so, sans-serif typefaces have dominated many sectors of branding, providing a bold, no-nonsense, clean and minimalist style. A glut of major corporations have gone ‘sans’ in their rebrands, from Gap to Google but sans logos can lack emotion, vision, and creativity. This custom slab-serif logo evokes the feeling of being conversational rather than clinical. The color system of our new look echoes the Hey Mr. brand heritage. Blue calls to mind the feeling of security, durability as well as being innovative. This color palette is a nice metaphor for letting our clients know that their creative needs are in safe hands, and being executed with cutting edge technology and design sensibility.

So the Question Remains: Why Rebrand?

A business’s brand identity is vital to success; you could lose or gain customers based solely on your image! Branding can include everything from the business’s name and logo to its communication strategy. These are all elements that customers will see right away, which is why it’s so important to make sure that your messaging is clear and your image is up-to-date.

There are several reasons a business may want to consider rebranding. If you have new goals, product offerings, or services, you should update your image accordingly to reflect these changes. If you’re in an ever-changing industry being proactive with rebranding is necessary so that you can ensure you are keeping up with trends and audience changes. Creating a new visual aesthetic is a fantastic symbol that will keep your current customers in the loop while also promoting new ideas!

On a different note – rebranding may also prove to be a great option if your business is experiencing a public crisis. Change the narrative by refreshing your communication strategy and imaging to mitigate the damage.

Is Your Brand Out Of Touch?

In heavily saturated markets, a business must constantly look for ways to stay fresh and stand out. One of these ways is through rebranding. Take advantage of the power aesthetics has to consumers by updating your logo or refreshing your website for a cleaner, more user-friendly look. 

It’s important to pay attention to other brands out there, especially your competition. You can learn from their successes as well as failures. Even if a brand isn’t necessarily in your market, you can still find inspiration in their strategy!

Listening to your audience is vital. In the era of social media, if you aren’t consistently monitoring your audiences and environments, your brand is bound to fall behind. Cater to your market as much as possible with your image and communication strategy. 

Eager to perform a refresh on your brand? Say, “Hey Mr”, for help every step of the way! 

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