SEO Tactics That Will Get You in Trouble

SEO Tactics That Will Get You in Trouble

Simply put – sneaky or outdated SEO tactics just won’t cut it in today’s online world. Not only will using black-hat strategies be a waste of your business’s time and resources, but it is also a sure-fire way to be penalized. What exactly are these terribly ancient SEO tricks that should be avoided? We’ve got three of the biggest ones listed below. And beware – doing the following can mean doom for your business!

Keyword Stuffing

Most people have heard the term ‘keyword’ and the ways to implement them online in order to have stronger SEO. Nonetheless, the overuse of keywords can do exactly the opposite. ‘Keyword stuffing’ is an age-old tactic that essentially means cramming the page with keywords to make it look relevant to the eyes of search engine detectives. But be warned, search engines are becoming smarter, which is now making keyword stuffing largely irrelevant and also – annoying to readers. While tossing keywords into your content is still crucial, try to avoid overuse. Above all, remember to write for the reader and not just for the search engines.

Hiding Text

Up until recently, it was pretty simple to trick search engines by hiding texts within images or by using a font that matched the page’s theme. However, now that search engines are becoming more sophisticated, they are able to determine what content is authentic, and what content is hidden from readers. Our advice? Don’t hide anything! Not only will search engines hate it, but so will your readers. Providing authentic, unhidden content to your audience is a fantastic SEO tactic, and everyone will love and reward you for it – including the SEO spiders!


What is cloaking you ask? It’s essentially when a page serves different content and information to a visitor from what search engines see. The idea behind doing this would be to hide the real purpose of a page from search engines, such as a page that actually leads to a spam site. Not only is this deceiving to everyone involved, but also dangerous. And nowadays, it’s pretty pointless too! Search engine spiders have gotten used to seeing this tactic for decades, and it can now be easily detected.

No matter how the web tries to control and avoid the rules, search engines like Google will always be callin’ the shots. If you need help bringing your website, blog, or business to the next level through our professional SEO tactics and online performance, we got you. Hey Mr. can help boost your website’s performance any day, any time. Shoot us a call today and #SayHeyMr.!

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