CLIENT overview:

Teriyaki Madness

Teriyaki Madness, a fresh Asian grill chain with a love for Seattle-style teriyaki, sought Hey Mr’s help in infusing their social media with humor, trends, and, of course, serious teriyaki love.


Our approach was as big, bold, and fresh as their teriyaki bowls. We dived headfirst into the trending content and meme scene, keeping our creative minds in sync with the latest trends to create hilarious and on-point content for Teriyaki Madness.


We knew authenticity was key, so we embarked on monthly content captures at various locations, ensuring our visuals were as fresh and mouthwatering as their food.


Now, Teriyaki Madness serves up not only teriyaki awesomeness but also a side of social media buzz, with followers hungry for every post.

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