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At Hey Mr. Media, where we're passionate about empowering brands in Denver, and the surrounding areas, to forge impactful social media narratives. We aim to help your brand stand out in the marketplace as an industry leader who fosters personal connections and drives remarkable results. We aim to transform your audience into devoted brand advocates through authentic and engaging content.

What Makes Us Different?


Cookie-cutter, generic content provides zero value to your audience. Our creative team will align with your objectives and make you stand out on social.


Our social-media-obsessed team knows the latest trends and strategies to make sure you reach and relate to the right audience.


We make data-driven decisions. Your team will refine and analyze to optimize your strategy across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The more engaged followers you have, the more in demand and legit you look. Want to grow your followers without bots? Let’s implement a community management strategy to make it happen!


Stock images are lame! You need authentic content to use on social media. Our team will capture vertical video for TikTok and Instagram in addition to quality photos.


We will get you in front of the right audiences. Through advanced targeting, and retargeting tools, we will manage a fully optimized paid campaign across channels.

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Hey Mr has made us feel comfortable from day one by answering all of our questions and helping us navigate this new area of marketing. With their expertise, we have been able to refine our campaigns and pivot when necessary to meet our goals. Unlike most agencies, Hey Mr is great at communicating… They’ve ensured that our team is part of the decision-making process, which is a rarity in the agency world.


Marketing Manager at the Real Dill


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